Battery, Lights and Electrical

Power every part of your vehicle

If the electrical system gives life to your vehicle then it’s heart is your battery. Besides fuel and air, your vehicle needs electricity to function. Without it, the engine will not start and all systems that rely on it for power will fail. So your battery is a very important regular maintenance item. And the thing is it won’t give you much notice when it’s ready to fail. 

Keeping your battery maintained is easier than you might think. Even though it normally doesn’t give much notice before failing you can attach a device called an amperage meter to the battery posts and determine what life the battery has left. Each battery has slightly different ratings, and your vehicle will have specific requirements for the amperage produced. It is important to know these specifications in order to keep your vehicle running safely. 

All electronic devices are powered through a series of wires and cables that are ultimately connected to the battery and alternator. This is called the wiring harness. If you live in a harsh environment certain components of the wiring harness can wear faster than normal. If a wire becomes exposed it can cause a short circuit, with resulting failure of the component connected to it. It can also cause a “drain” on the battery with an earlier than expected loss of amperage. 

When we perform our complimentary 10 point inspection while servicing your vehicle we always test the amperage output of the battery, and the overall serviceability of the electrical system by testing it under load. That way we are both sure that your electrical system is functioning safely. 

Perhaps the most important component of the electrical system in your vehicle are the lights. They help you to see what you are doing inside and outside the vehicle, especially when it’s dark out, and also help others to see you. Some lights use LED’s (light emitting diodes), while others use the older style incandescent bulb. Replacing any light that fails is a very important safety issue for you, your passengers, and others on the road with you.