Windsheild Wipers

Wipers keep windows clean and clear and keep you safe

Windshield and rear window wipers keep your windows clear of excess water when it rains, providing you with better visibility during inclement weather, allowing you to safely operate your vehicle. If you live in the desert you may not use your wipers very often and they can become hard, brittle and begin to come apart from exposure to the hot, dry climate. If you live in higher terrain you may experience overuse of your wipers from repeated rain and snow storms. Icy cold weather is just as harsh on wipers as the hot, summer sun.

The wiper body is usually composed of metal, vinyl, or other sturdy material, or a combination thereof. But the blade is made of rubber. This thin strip of material – the part that makes contact with the glass of the window – does all of the hard work. It is important to inspect all of your wipers closely on a regular basis, ensuring both the body and the blade are serviceable. If either is worn it should be replaced.

Having good, reliable windshield wipers will help to keep you and your loved ones safe when storms arise. Whether in the desert, or the high country, storms can form in a matter of mere hours. When you are prepared with good wipers, you can have the assurance of making it safely through.